Open Positions

CTO / Tech lead

Are you passionate about solving this problem? We’re looking for for a CTO that can take over the reins and ideally is located in Denver.


Do we expect you to have the exact same guiding principles in life? Probably not. But for the sake of everyone's valuable time, it's important that you know what we're about:

1. Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible 
2. Give more than you take 
3. Pay it forward. Kids are the future 
4. Be uncomfortable. Comfort is where all things go to die 
5. Time>Money 
6. Have moral courage 


A passion for creating amazing products (that actually solve problems) 
Entrepreneurial drive 
Invested & committed 
Innovative spirit

It's ok if you can only work part time / outside of standard business hours, as long as you are committed to the company and can devote at least 20 hours/week working on it. 


The long and short of it is that you will be responsible for the creation and upkeep of our code base.

1) Develop the product and all technical aspects 
2) Create high quality code using modern technology languages and using modern technology practices 
3) Keep things organized and have the ability to prioritize 
4) Track, analyze and monitor technology performance metrics 
5) Make ethically sound technical decisions (think privacy, data storage etc.)


React Native
Graph Ql
Google Cloud Platform
Machine Learning


Negotiable equity compensation (15.0% – 30.0%)
No team member is currently paid to be a founder or advisor. Neither will we be able to pay you. YET. However, we have ambitious goals. Additionally (and more importantly), you'll own part of the company and with that comes:

1) The satisfaction of controlling your own destiny!
2) Being able to build incredible products from scratch and innovate 
3) Change people's lives - you'll never feel undervalued 
4) Never be bored or wondering what you're doing all of this for 
5) Challenge yourself emotionally & intellectually (cause as I mentioned before, dreams go to die in the comfort zone)

Last but not least... NO dress code and you get to work with a super ambitious, international and smart team (at least we'd like to think so).


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