Manatee extends your reach

We have built a digital platform enabling clinicians to fill in the blanks in between sessions, expand access to care and get families engaged. Some of the things we help accomplish:

  • Send treatment goals to families in real-time

  • Track progress and engagement

  • Gamify treatment for kids

  • Provide support 24/7 through AI enabled care

This ultimately makes therapy more effective, cost efficient and patient centric.


Get insights

For treatment to be effective, care must continue into the home. Manatee empowers you by tracking all the information you need to provide the best care possible.


Family mobile app

Our mobile platform clarifies treatment, empowers families and drives adherence.

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AI based therapy

Our AI-based companion engages in helpful conversations, goal reminders and daily check ins. Content is created by clinicians and uses CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) methods.


We are looking for clinical partners who are servicing children with behavioral and/or developmental disorders.
Being part of our beta program means that;

  • We will actively support you in any way possible

  • You will have input into how the product is developed

    If you are interested, please join our journey.