It’s all about the kids.


A smart man once said; “It’s easier to build strong children, than repair broken adults.”
We agree.

Unfortunately, access to basic health care is not an option for the majority of children.
Let alone, mental health care. We’re here to change that.

Our team is passionate about solving this problem as we’ve been personally affected by it.
We’re not just building a product for you, we’re building it for us.



Dama headshot 2.jpg

Damayanti Dipayana


Dama has over 10 years of tech start-up experience and has built and lead large teams globally (she lived and worked in 9 countries). She grew up with an autistic brother and father and is passionate about children’s mental health. She also runs a video production company in LA.

Super skill: Getting stuff done


Shawn Kuenzler


Shawn has more than 10 years of engineering leadership experience for two health and wellness tech startups with successful exits. He loves solving complex problems and is the husband to a clinical psychologist.

Super skill: Building things that people want

Will B Headshot.png

Will Browne

Data scientist

Will is an Oxford and UCL alumni and currently a Senior Data Scientist at the Boston Consulting Group. In his previous role he illuminated the ecommerce world with a meta-analysis of over 6700 A/B tests. He is also an ex-pro rugby player in England.

Super skill: Making data fun(ish)


Alvaro Mendez


Alvaro is currently finishing his Masters at Tufts, exploring how humans ethically and safely interact with robots. Alvaro is leading our AI and robotics initiatives. He was also a professional gymnast for 12 years!

Super skill: Bringing ideas to life



Omkar Kulkarni, MPH

Omkar is currently the Chief Innovation Officer at Children’s Hospital LA. Prior to this he ran the Techstars & Cedars Sinaï healthcare accelerator for 3 years and has evaluated over 2500 startup pitches.

Super skill: Challenging the status quo in healthcare.


Debbie Boeldt

Debbie is the Director of Digital Mental Health at the National Mental Health Innovation Center. She is a clinical psychologist who focuses on understanding the effective implementation of digital tools for wellbeing.

Super skill: Getting tech into the hands of clinicians


Sophie Ebbeler

Sophie is a Pediatric and Cognitive-Behavioral psychologist for one of the most prominent hospitals in the Netherlands. She is passionate about preventative healthcare and is specialized in functional and emotional issues in children.

Super skill: Having moral courage.

Bob_casey headshot .jpg

Robert Casey, PHD

Bob runs the Wellness Program at the Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital Colorado. As a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor he is specialized in child mental health and trauma responses in children.

Super skill: Bringing joy to kids’ toughest days.

“AI tech to help kids with behavioral issues”

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Robauto and Manatee Partner to Bring A.I. Powered Therapy to Kids with Autism, Anxiety, ADHD & Depression